Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Introducing Lotus Mendes to Melbourne

I've been fortunate enough to be introduced and work with this label before anyone else has informed  me but I think you need to see what I have been drooling over. This sydney label has landed to Melbourne and it's ready to take over. The genius designer Victoria Cheatham creates precious treasures for you to wear designed to empower and release your inner goddess hence the goddess rings (You will die when you see the array of colours). I love the power of femininity incorporated within each product.

The pieces are timeless beauty that possess powerful magical energies that can transcend a message to its wearer (eg. RESPECT, TRUST, LOYALTY, LOVE, and HONOR printed on the jewellery pieces).

I'm over walking into Collette, thinking I'm in Diva, Lovisa etc. I love unique pieces that not every other untalented brand copies. Do yourself a favour and dip into your pockets and invest in these amazing pieces.

Way of Life - Black and White $49
Goddess rings - $69
Queen Mendes Necklace - $249
3 Acts Directional Hand Cuff $89
Warrior Cuff - $59
3 Acts Solid Ground Cuff $159

All photos are captured by me. xx

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