Monday, 22 July 2013

Monday Mixes

I have some sad news, I won't be doing Monday Mixes next week :( so enjoy the break from me and probably your bank account too. I will be damaging the bank in Waikiki so when I return grab some popcorn and luxe in my purchases.
Want to live in a man's world for one day?! Start and probably finish at wearing the boyfriend jeans. Who would of thought baggy ripped jeans with a plain tee would be so sexy? Yes Man me up for a day.
The Iconic - Rusty Straighty 180 boyfriend Jeans $89.95

Cameo's simplistic yet structural designs are the reason they are one of my favourite Aussie brands. This skirt is perfect for winter and summer.

The Iconic - Cameo By My Side Skirt $90
See how captivating prints can be in your wardrobe?! So why shy away from colourful animal prints and draping this season.
Premonition Designs - Animale Skirt $99.95
Rock out in this this jersey grey marle skirt features a knotted front and thigh split. Perfect with a leather jacket. 

Lucy in the Sky - Can't Deny This Feeling Skirt $49

Yes it's a floral piece. This bodysuit with deep v necklace is great with virtually any bottoms. It adds brightness to this awful season. 

Stelly - Salsa Verde Bodysuit $42.95

Floral and jumpsuits make me happy because it reminds me spring is blossoming. chunky wedges and this jumpsuit is ready to be introduced to the world. 

Lucy in the Sky - Take Me Back $49
We have seen a lot of black leather, why not overcome tan. This is great with any basic tee and ankle boots for a relaxed look.

Enjoy xx  

Thursday, 18 July 2013

My last two weekend outfits

I have been lazy with updating my weekend outfits, so sit tight. This is a Mossman burst. I feel like I need to support one of my favourite brands as I am so confused what is happening with this iconic label. With a handful of stores been taken over by their formerly partnership Charcoal, I guess now I have to pay for tolls, pay for parking so I can enjoy my brand at South Wharf. Loyal customer of the year!!!

For a night on the town, this usually wouldn't be my first choice. However hunting five outfits to choose from and having one of those "I look horrible in everything" nights, this was my last resort and I don't regret a thing. Although this was meant to be for my Hawaii trip and most likely more suitable for weather above zero, when does anything stop me?? Fashion over comfort I say!

Top - Finders Keepers Runaway

Shorts - Mossman
Accessories - Olga Berg
For this occasion I wanted to wear something a bit more conservative but with some funk. I love the combination of pleather and draping because it hides the hips.
Dress - Mossman The Stellar Performance Dress
Accessories - Otazu jewellery from Olga Berg
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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hawaii wishlist

Now this is called a wishlist for a reason. Either I'm hoping some really generous family and friends see these items and buy them for me for my birthday, Christmas, Easter, because day? Or perhaps I win bingo in Maui, or maybe someone drops money on the beach.

All jokes aside, these are some of the items I would one day if not on my holiday love to see in my wardrobe.  (Please keep in mind I won't just be shopping for materialistic products as I am a bargain hunter at heart :s)
Gucci Soho Shoulder Bag.

Burberry Trench Coat

Moschino Belt

Chanel Espadrilles

Monday, 15 July 2013

Monday Mixes

Why is Monday so far away from Friday but Friday is so close to Monday? One more week and I can pretend it's the weekend for 10 days. Oh the serenity.

Nothing more flattering than a fitted bustier with two side splits in a floral pattern. Nookie's new collection evolves femininity and structure.

Nookie - Floral Full Bloom Maxi Dress $229

I love the same print on two different pieces that can be worn together or separately. Exhibit A, This floral peplum top can be teamed up with the matching pants for a jumpsuit look (and belt it ) or worn with jeans. This is what fashion teaches you, to be creative. Allow your personal style to shine through with your styling.
Rodeo Show - Blossom peplum top $94.50

Rodeo Show - Blossom Trouser $114.5
Not only should colour blocking be incorporated in your wardrobe this year but why not collaborate two current trends in one garment. Colour blocking and pleather should be your new friend.

Asos - Asos Pencil Skirt with PU front $52.5
This blouse is the closest you will get to a kimono in winter!

The Iconic - Naven Two Tone Kimono Blouse $59
Somebody shake me before I buy another peplum style. How sleek is this pointed angle peplum though? Teamed with a leather pant or skirt, SOLD.
Arch Fashion - Nicholas Ponti Angled Peplum Top $125
Pleather never looked so chic. Why not embrace the quilt design embroidered on the kneecap to finish a simplistic silhouette.

Runway Scout - Leather-look Skinny Pants $59
 I love any added material perforating out of a garment. Weird? Perhaps to some, but if you can pull it off, rock it out.

May the label - Rosie Knit $79 (Dark Grey)
This rich wine colour epitomizes elegance perfectly. This can even blend well with tights and boots.
Don't even start me on the back detail of the jumpsuit, lace, cut outs arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cannot deal!

The Birdcage Boutique - Keepsake Simple Song Playsuit $79
More brands need to captivate the strapless design with a v-shaped split at the centre. Cameo nails the bustier featuring a leopard-inspired print, an exposed zip fastening on the back, and structured boning. Perfect with tight pants or shorts for all year round.

The Iconic - Cameo Reflection Bustier $139.95
Two current trends amalgamating to display a striking piece. This amazing floral shift dress features an exclusive floral print and PU contract sleeve.

Belle & Paige - Staple Negative Floral Shift $99

                                                                    Enjoy xx

Monday, 8 July 2013

Monday Mixes

It's quite depressing being bombarded with check ins at the International Airport or any background that don't consist of rain pop up on facebook. But wait, I will be that annoying person in 2 weeks!! I will check in at the Melbourne International Airport, I will be posting a photo of the beach backdrop, I will indulge the sunrays alongside the pool with a cocktail or 5.

I'm a sucker for jumpsuits, but I have a whole new love for structured jumpsuits. I love the neck detailing of this jumpsuit, Cameo never miss a beat, always paying attention to every detail. This jumpsuit is perfect for a family do or even a few drinks out, you can even belt it.

The Birdcage Boutique - Cameo Overload Pantsuit $134.95
Dirty denim jackets yummy! When I say dirty, I don't mean it's been worn by a murderer and you find blood spots on it at the Salvos. I mean washed out denim, it just adds character to the outfit. Wear these with patterns pants, or a baggy dress and tights.
The Birdcage Boutique - Finders Keepers Speak To Me Jacket $109.95

 You know it's not my blog without a mention of asymmetrical. This skirt differs from the others because of the fabric. It displays scuba-like fabric with an asymmetrical cut-out hemline. Let's go swimming!!!!!
Runway Scout - Scuba Angled Skirt $49.00
 While we are on the subject of my favourite styles..WRAPS! I love anything that hides the unfortunate womanly problems. Wraps are perfect to hide the bigger parts of your body, so embrace it.
Stelly - Plum Daiquiri Skirt $29.95

 Got a wedding coming up in spring? I wish I did, I need an occasion to wear this. It's the simplicity of this dress that lures me and of course the sweetheart shape and the colour oh and the splits ok ok I love everything about this dress.
Style Closet - Shona Joy The Wanderer Maxi Dress $280

 Make your trench trendy. Sheike execute just this this season. This is perfect over any outfit.
Sheike - Madison Trench $99
For a relaxed Sunday siesta, relax in these pastel linen trousers. Top off with a structured blazer.
Hello Parry - Evelyn Lilac Fine Linen Trousers $55

Oh it's another asymmetrical skirt. The layering detail is definitely what appeals to me most about this garment. It looks great with a loose style top.
Hello Parry - Trust Structured Wrap Skirt $59.99

Get Chanel inspired with this tweed number. Tee it up with a gold metallic metal belt and this can be worn in the next month.
Missguided - Roberta Neon Tweed Playsuit $45
 Laser cut designs any day. This laser cut faux leather skirt features a front diagonal split with white lining. Great for any occasion.
Mossman - The Manifestation Skirt $159.95 
                                                             Enjoy xx

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Move over Secretary

Gone are the days where you get an office job and you immediately think white shirt and black pants. I'm not saying you need to dress like Anna Wintour but explore your body shape and wear clothes accordingly. For most of us, we work more than we enjoy the social life so why not look and feel great in flattering clothes?!

Here are my favourite picks this winter.
Asos - Pencil Skirt in Diamond Jacquard $36

Asos - Blouse with Sheer Panels and Double Pocket $49
Asos - Petite Exclusive Pants in Floral print $49
The Fashion Bunker - Finders Keepers Oversize Jacket $39.95
The Birdcage Boutique - Cameo The Light Blazer Gilded Peach $99
The Birdcage Boutique - Cameo Near To You Dress $89
Asos - Jacket With Soft Waterfall Trim $55
Runway Scout - Cameo Symphony Shirt $99

                                                                      Enjoy xx

Monday, 1 July 2013

Monday Mixes

Today is the first of the July but more importantly today embarks half way through winter YUPPIE! Jump on the treadmill, sit outside for 10 minutes a day and you'll be one step closer to looking like Miranda Kerr on a bad day!

Have I stressed colour this winter?! Well I'm going to say it again, COLOUR. Don't look like everyone else alarmed in dark colours, slap on some tinted moisturizer and you'll be fine to rock out colours. This dress is perfect for that, this gives you radiance. Although simplistic, the structured shoulders make this more edgy.

Stelly - Pine Ice Pop Dress $49.95
I don't think I have mentioned floral lately, pffts who am I kidding?! Floral, what more can you ask for? How about mirrored floral?! This emulate is beautifully designed and will look great this winter, espeically with vibrant colours (there it is again).
Asos - Mirror Floral Dress $78

 Tee this vibrant floral blouse with jeans and boots this winter. 

Asos - Blouse with drop collar in bird in the bush print $38

Don't be turned off by tweed. Flap over layers are great to cover your bad spots.

Mossman - Planning A Departure Skirt $69.95

If you haven't heard of this brand yet, do me a favour and look up Kitty Grace. A talented Perth designer constructs garments with sophistication yet seduction. This dress exposes the shoulders, highlighting the most sexy part of a women's body, the collarbone. Also if you don't know yet you will now, another favourite style of mine is molded cups and this just rocks two birds with one stone. The colour as well just pops.

JadeEmily - Kitty Grace Bite The Beat $86.7

Another Kitty Grace dress that I had to include.

Wild Child Style Lab - Kitty Grace Like Honey Dress $174

 WE ARE HANDSOME have assembled art using different colour spectrums. If you couldn't afford it then, you can now! The original and what made them famous is half the price!

JadeEmily - We Are Handsome The King Scoop One piece $125

Need a LBD dress with class? Look no further, well I didn't I had to have this. Back split and daring front cutout neckline is exactly what I was missing in my wardrobe.

Mossman - A Stark Reminder Dress - $104

Fur is like milk in my fridge, a necessity! Mossman answered my prayers therefore I do not have to sin. This mini skirt has a front panel of pony hair fabric, a faux leather waistband and a textured black fabric on the front and back. Need I convince you more?! 

Mossman - Show Pony Skirt $169.95
Need a cute dress for a holiday or even drinks away from home?! This dress is flirty and again highlights subtle floral in the design.

Enjoy x

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