Thursday, 18 July 2013

My last two weekend outfits

I have been lazy with updating my weekend outfits, so sit tight. This is a Mossman burst. I feel like I need to support one of my favourite brands as I am so confused what is happening with this iconic label. With a handful of stores been taken over by their formerly partnership Charcoal, I guess now I have to pay for tolls, pay for parking so I can enjoy my brand at South Wharf. Loyal customer of the year!!!

For a night on the town, this usually wouldn't be my first choice. However hunting five outfits to choose from and having one of those "I look horrible in everything" nights, this was my last resort and I don't regret a thing. Although this was meant to be for my Hawaii trip and most likely more suitable for weather above zero, when does anything stop me?? Fashion over comfort I say!

Top - Finders Keepers Runaway

Shorts - Mossman
Accessories - Olga Berg
For this occasion I wanted to wear something a bit more conservative but with some funk. I love the combination of pleather and draping because it hides the hips.
Dress - Mossman The Stellar Performance Dress
Accessories - Otazu jewellery from Olga Berg
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