Monday, 8 July 2013

Monday Mixes

It's quite depressing being bombarded with check ins at the International Airport or any background that don't consist of rain pop up on facebook. But wait, I will be that annoying person in 2 weeks!! I will check in at the Melbourne International Airport, I will be posting a photo of the beach backdrop, I will indulge the sunrays alongside the pool with a cocktail or 5.

I'm a sucker for jumpsuits, but I have a whole new love for structured jumpsuits. I love the neck detailing of this jumpsuit, Cameo never miss a beat, always paying attention to every detail. This jumpsuit is perfect for a family do or even a few drinks out, you can even belt it.

The Birdcage Boutique - Cameo Overload Pantsuit $134.95
Dirty denim jackets yummy! When I say dirty, I don't mean it's been worn by a murderer and you find blood spots on it at the Salvos. I mean washed out denim, it just adds character to the outfit. Wear these with patterns pants, or a baggy dress and tights.
The Birdcage Boutique - Finders Keepers Speak To Me Jacket $109.95

 You know it's not my blog without a mention of asymmetrical. This skirt differs from the others because of the fabric. It displays scuba-like fabric with an asymmetrical cut-out hemline. Let's go swimming!!!!!
Runway Scout - Scuba Angled Skirt $49.00
 While we are on the subject of my favourite styles..WRAPS! I love anything that hides the unfortunate womanly problems. Wraps are perfect to hide the bigger parts of your body, so embrace it.
Stelly - Plum Daiquiri Skirt $29.95

 Got a wedding coming up in spring? I wish I did, I need an occasion to wear this. It's the simplicity of this dress that lures me and of course the sweetheart shape and the colour oh and the splits ok ok I love everything about this dress.
Style Closet - Shona Joy The Wanderer Maxi Dress $280

 Make your trench trendy. Sheike execute just this this season. This is perfect over any outfit.
Sheike - Madison Trench $99
For a relaxed Sunday siesta, relax in these pastel linen trousers. Top off with a structured blazer.
Hello Parry - Evelyn Lilac Fine Linen Trousers $55

Oh it's another asymmetrical skirt. The layering detail is definitely what appeals to me most about this garment. It looks great with a loose style top.
Hello Parry - Trust Structured Wrap Skirt $59.99

Get Chanel inspired with this tweed number. Tee it up with a gold metallic metal belt and this can be worn in the next month.
Missguided - Roberta Neon Tweed Playsuit $45
 Laser cut designs any day. This laser cut faux leather skirt features a front diagonal split with white lining. Great for any occasion.
Mossman - The Manifestation Skirt $159.95 
                                                             Enjoy xx

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