Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Giddy Up

It's that time of year, where savings accounts are froze and weight is coming off because of the stress surrounding the biggest fashion I mean horse racing season.

Whether you choose to obey the rules or stand out from the crowd don't be afraid to contrast. I am a true believer of not matching my hat, with bag with shoes. This season is all about playtime.

Below are a few of my choices for this year's carnival.

Sheike - Garden Party Dress $149.95
The Birdcage  Boutique - Finders Keepers For You Dress $189.95

Sass & Bide - Blazing Prose Dress $550
The Birdcage Boutique - Cameo Cease Fire Dress $239.95

Style Milk Shop - Maurie & Eve Goddess Dress Jet Snake $249

LittleLace Co - Finders Keepers Next To Me Maxi $230

Asos - Asos Salon Two Print Pencil Dress $69
                                           Bustier - Sass & Bide
                                           Fascinator - Olga Berg
                                           Skirt - Bardot
                                           Shoes - Billini


                                                                     Enjoy xx

Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday Mixes

Bright colours are amongst us, so don't shy away from the inevitable. Put some glow on your body and you can even start the trend early.

A bright colour won't hurt the eye. Try teaming this striking skirt up with a white or black singlet.

Bardot - Blade Runner Skirt $49.95

Nothing feels more luxurious than a silky material loathing on your body.  This top even looks great.

Asos - Blouse With Frill Trim Collar In Floral Spot Print $58

An animal print never gets old in my head. this singlet is great tucked in or for a more relaxed look have it over the jeans.
Asos - Backless Cami in Mono Ombre Animal Print $45.30
There is something cute about a shift dress and even teeing it up with a baseball cap if you are game. Cameo are doing it so why not find a bargain and make it your own personality.
Market HQ - Sheer Talent Dress $66

 The great thing about a colourful skirt you can almost pick any colour scheme to match the top with. I love that only the centre panel is bright.
Market HQ - Honey To The Bee Skirt $44

 The drape effect should be your best friend if you are one of the few (me me me ) who sport some loveable hips. Plus this colour is a hot trend this summer!

Stelly - Honey Baked Apple Turnover $36.95

 Everything from the sheer mesh sleeves to the lace chantilly detail down the body to the colour. All working well together, making this a stunning piece that I need when it's pay day!!!

Kasabe - 43. Pretty Woman $110

 I am obsessed with exaggerated flare and this white top ticks all my boxes. Pair with white pants and you will complete the white on white trend this season. Just when I thought I had my savings back intact.

Kasabe - 25. La Paloma Top $70

This is the shift dress that has turned heads. Cameo have reinvented themselves with this season's structural designs.
Runway Scout - Cameo The Embers Dress $159.95
 When I saw this in a dress I had no weddings, galas or brownlow to attend to. My only solution was to buy the jumpsuit version making it easier to find more practical places to show this cobalt number off.
Sheike - First Class Jumpsuit $159.95

                                                                         enjoy xx

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