Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Introducing Lotus Mendes to Melbourne

I've been fortunate enough to be introduced and work with this label before anyone else has informed  me but I think you need to see what I have been drooling over. This sydney label has landed to Melbourne and it's ready to take over. The genius designer Victoria Cheatham creates precious treasures for you to wear designed to empower and release your inner goddess hence the goddess rings (You will die when you see the array of colours). I love the power of femininity incorporated within each product.

The pieces are timeless beauty that possess powerful magical energies that can transcend a message to its wearer (eg. RESPECT, TRUST, LOYALTY, LOVE, and HONOR printed on the jewellery pieces).

I'm over walking into Collette, thinking I'm in Diva, Lovisa etc. I love unique pieces that not every other untalented brand copies. Do yourself a favour and dip into your pockets and invest in these amazing pieces.

Way of Life - Black and White $49
Goddess rings - $69
Queen Mendes Necklace - $249
3 Acts Directional Hand Cuff $89
Warrior Cuff - $59
3 Acts Solid Ground Cuff $159

All photos are captured by me. xx

Monday, 29 April 2013

Monday Mixes

Going into May, and where has the year gone? I'm not liking that we are moving toward the cooler season of the year but with the right fake tan and outfit choices we can get through it as if it's summer!

Need a pop of colour for winter? Then this skirt is perfect to add to your basics. With the front knots at the front it creates movement and more structure to the skirt then just a mini and plus it's high waisted, so accentuating, tick tick.

The Birdcage Boutique - Cameo Boy Ghost Skirt $129

Another peplum garment, that's crazy!! This knit is perfect with jeans, with a marle and an adorable peplum hemline you can feel light weighted. It comes in navy and maroon as well so go nuts.

The iconic - Living Doll Tiana Peplum Knit $54.95

 Want to look appropriate but still sexy? This skirt will do just want you want if there is a cutie in the office or meeting someone for drinks. This mini skirt is high waisted and panelled detail giving you the shape you need.

The Iconic - Shilla Great Zip Mini Skirt $69.95

Because the last post about leopard wasn't enough to convince you to get chasing. Channel your inner animal in this leopard top with leather look sleeves and pockets.

Missguided - Laela Leopard Leather Detail Top $22.50

 I am on a hunt for the perfect leatherette pants (If I wasn't on a budget then leather would definitely be the better option). These "vegan" (a sophisticated way of saying faux) jeans will give you more shape then leggings because of the thickness and lining. Get yourself a bargain and look trendier than Sandy from Greese.
The Iconic - Black NYC Vegan Leather Jeans $121

I keep saying, colour colour this season. The dull colours depress where colour adds spark. This neon jumper is a great pop with your new leatherette pants or boyfriend jeans.

Esther Boutique - Race The Light Jumper $49

Basic layering in winter, is just the norm. But why not complete the outfit with an embellishment piece, and what a difference it will make to your outfit. Think Sass & Bide but without splitting the purchase within 3 credit cards. ASOS always comes to the rescue when you are running low on cash.

Asos - Exclusive Embellished Trophy Jacket $121

The weather shouldn't stop you wearing summer pieces, as long as you bring a jacket. The truth is if someone is passionate about fashion then you tend see the dress because it looks fab not the comfort.
this boob tube peplum is great with a tight skirts or pants for any occasion. This will show off your shoulder blades and waist area. Now are you complaining about the cold?

Iikoy Clothing - Smoking Hot Top Flower Top - $120

Whether wearing a plain outfit or a low neckline, you need to accessorise. A chunky necklace makes your outfit stand out for plain Jane. I am obsessed with this necklace, reminds me of Mimco but you definitely won't find this piece everywhere and everybody knows I love wearing pieces that are rare and unique. Grab yourself this bad boy, and wait til the compliments start rolling in. (Thank me later)

Olga Berg - Statement Necklace $239

My outfit Saturday night. I never dared the shorts and tights look until NOW. You need to wear the right shorts, no denim and then wear tights that are a little sheer and tee them with boots, and there is a new outfit created. Nobody will ever know you've worn those shorts before.

Top Shop - Mono Floral Shorts $79.95

Enjoy xx

Friday, 26 April 2013

Leopard Reoww

If you have not invested in a pair of leopard print pants, then I say do yourself a favour and hunt for one now (excuse the pun). Animal prints are a timeless appeal, which can be worn during the day or night. As skinny jeans already suck in the bad parts why not add a print that will even give a clearer illusion that you have worked out more than Madonna. Whether you want to spend $50 or $300, you can find the right pair at the price you want to pay.

Michael Kors - Skinny Leopard $89.99
The Iconic - Huntingbird Meon Leggings $34.95
Country Road - Leopard Print Jean $99
Ausmode - Sass & Bide The Dark Cloud Jean $270 ($25 off first purchase)

Princess Polly - MINKPINK Wild Jeans $80

Market HQ - Jordan Jean - $44

Market HQ - Rose Lioness $119

Enjoy xx

Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Mixes

It's the last week of being 22 (life is ticking away) so what better way to drown my sorrows than with a new wardrobe. A year older and a year wiser I say, so out with the boring in with the definition of me.

Why is it whenever you have what you want in your head you can never find it on the racks?  Well until now! I want an easy dress to chuck on with tights and boots and still look chic. I am over the layers, I don't care if it's -10 outside, I refuse to look ugly (figuratively, just in case some people don't understand me by now). This dress brings the childhood game tetras back. Ahh childhood, ah I'm old :(

Market HQ - The Tetrus Dress $69

I love how blazers have really dominated my wardrobe lately. It's days where your mum forgot to do the washing so your only left with bonds basics. Perfect, the blazer just adds sophistication right there. Team it up with jeans, and your hotter than Kim Kardashian with a sexier ass!

ASOS Blazer in Fluro Boucle $55
Pleather Pleather Pleather, a nicer way to say fake leather! These pants are high waisted and cinch at the knee. I can ride in these.
Religion Leather Look Biker Leggings $95
Cameo have got it going on this season. Animal prints are dictating the collection. In particular incorporating a lace in animal print, pure genius and still making it girly.
The Birdcage Boutique - Cameo Say It Right Dress $219
An oldy but a goodie of Cameo. This jacket is structured with draped layers being the statement of the piece. This is great for a nice dinner or a quiet drink.

Jade & Belle - Cameo work Together Blazer $99

I need this structured paneled peplum top to appear somehow, don't care how on my body.
The Birdcage Boutique - Cameo Pass By Top $139
A shaggy jacket to shrug on when in doubt, will thank you later. this is uber chic with shorts and tights or on top of the dress.

 Want to show you have personal style at the office with a pant? You can with this check print pant. It's classy and suitable for the office and after.

Asos - Trousers in Monochrome Check $71

Spaceman, I always wanted you to go into space, man (For all you Babyzoo fans out there). This skirt is a classic however the front centre split pushes it to fashion forward.

Mossman - The Redeeming Feature Skirt $119.95
Enjoy x

Monday, 15 April 2013

Monday Mixes

I can't adjust to this weather. One day it's tanable next I'm digging deep into my cupboards for a jumper. Therefore I think this week it's only natural to show clothes appropriate to this change.

I am all about skirts with an edge (if you haven't noticed). This cross over open front skirt will hide your uneven hip bumps.

Lola vs Harper - Reckless Burnout Mini-Maxi Skirt $59.95
From one edgy skirt to another. I am warming to asymmetrical skirts, in particular this twisted wrap number.  This is a great twist to a wardrobe staple.  This is a great skirt to throw on with a baggy jumper or tee. The drapping down the leg is a subtle but sexy way to dress up.

Shilla - Brigade Rouched Asymmetrical Jersey $59.95

Bardot - Twisted Asym Skirt $69.95

A faux leather pant is a MUST in your wardrobe this winter. Tee it up with a boyfriend jumper, khaki jacket, shirts, endless choices. This will look great with ankle boots and even a pair of heels for a cheeky drink out.
Shilla - Great Ponte & Faux Leather Mix $79.95

 Winter essentials don't need to be dull and boring, you can actually look great in winter! Maybe with some fake tan for the lack of vitamin d. This jumper will be worn with your head held up high while other stare at you glow.

May the Label - Jumper $119

 Three of Something is known for their edgy and effortless garments and this collection is not different. This geometric skirt with again an asymmetrical detail will look great with boots and tights.
Three of Something - Blossom Vine Mini Skirt $80

Need something to throw over when you forgot to get milk. Get tweed in this jacket and pairing it with your leatherette leggings.

Cocolatte - Coatigan Grey $29.99

 I need to put lace in this week because Bardot has surprised me once again. They are ahead of the trends offering customers what they are demanding. This skirt is great for a night out or even a function. The scalloped detailing got my vote.

Bardot - Scalloped Lace Skirt $129.95

This jacket is only favourable in my eyes because of the oversize collar. It's chic and will keep you warm this season.

Nikka Contrast Oversized Collar Jacket - $67

Who doesn't love something to chuck on and take off after a few too many drinks. This pullover dress is great for the office and after teeing it up with tights and boots and this can be an all year round dress.

Runway Scout - Style Stalker Parallel Universe Dress $129

This is a very chic unbalanced tee style dress. Two tone, with print front and black arms and back. Arms have elastic around the wrists. 

Shilla Boutique - Great Geometric Unbalanced Dress $79.95

Enjoy xx

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Neon and Floral combo

I already can tell a few of my friends reading this will be rolling their eyes to the thought of floral prints and me together again. You should understand by now that floral is flattering for you and the busyness of the print camouflages the not so "I haven't been to the gym for months" bits.

So yes I do stock half my wardrobe in floral for not only that reason but because floral prints are always diversified and classic for any occasion. There is not one floral print that is the same as another in my wardrobe as I have pants, tops, blazers, dresses and all are distinctly unique. I know the saying is when in doubt go black, but can you really go wrong with floral?

My fascination with floral went to another level when Sheike introduced neon to floral. I instantly fell in love and needed to "go back in time". From the detailing to the colour spectrum, I knew this would be a trend setter.Whether your tall, short, pear, boy shape just make sure you own the floral and not get lost in it. I believe adding bold colour to a floral print can be daunting to some but if you wear it correctly, let that be the statement piece and nobody will lose you in the crowd!

Enjoy xx

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