Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Neon and Floral combo

I already can tell a few of my friends reading this will be rolling their eyes to the thought of floral prints and me together again. You should understand by now that floral is flattering for you and the busyness of the print camouflages the not so "I haven't been to the gym for months" bits.

So yes I do stock half my wardrobe in floral for not only that reason but because floral prints are always diversified and classic for any occasion. There is not one floral print that is the same as another in my wardrobe as I have pants, tops, blazers, dresses and all are distinctly unique. I know the saying is when in doubt go black, but can you really go wrong with floral?

My fascination with floral went to another level when Sheike introduced neon to floral. I instantly fell in love and needed to "go back in time". From the detailing to the colour spectrum, I knew this would be a trend setter.Whether your tall, short, pear, boy shape just make sure you own the floral and not get lost in it. I believe adding bold colour to a floral print can be daunting to some but if you wear it correctly, let that be the statement piece and nobody will lose you in the crowd!

Enjoy xx

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