Monday, 1 April 2013

Monday Mixes

While most of us rolled out of bed this morning feeling like a double coated, oil soaking, sugar high Easter egg, I couldn't help thinking it's pay week which means new added pieces to my overcrowded wardrobes. Yes that's right I now have taken over two other closet spaces in my house and running out of new hideouts.

Firstly we will start with a jacket. I love the structure of this number and this jacket can dress up any outfit with it's chic peplum style and Oriental Floral print.

Orient Express - Oriental Floral Peplum Jacket $89.95
 My fascination is currently being fuelled by asymmetrical detailing. If it's not jacket it's skirts and leather mmmmmmmmm. The current wardrobe piece this season being leather is embellished with the asymmetrical style. Why not be different and embrace the jagged edges and funk it up with ankle boots.

Atmos&Here - Dagger Leather Look Mini $79.95

This open leg skirt is sexy yet classy for a night out on the town. Please note don't blame me if you pick up in this!

NAAL - Asymmetrical Side Open Leather Skirt $79

If you are looking for something more practical for Melbourne's chilly days but still want to opt for funky then try a woolen asymmetrical skirt.

Barbara - Leather Sliced Woolen Skirt $89

Winter is all about layering up but nobody said you can't have a skirt that has layers embossed. This tweed skirt is a must have this season, coupled up with tights and boots and you are ready to strut down Chapel St or Collins St.
Windell - Layers Detail Short Skirt $79
This week's outfit choices wouldn't be complete if I didn't mention Maurie & Eve's new collection involving the asymmetrical skirt. This floral piece is exactly what I need to brighten my wardrobe for autumn and winter and summer.

Maurie & Eve - Mirror Skirt $149

I have embraced that I don't sport a boy shape figure therefore showing that I have hips have now been the norm. Pants flatter hips at the best of times as prints compliment the bum, hips and thighs area so does two tone contrast. It's the illusion that you are actually slimmer. These pants are also high waisted so accentuating your waist. Tick, Tick !

Finders Keepers - December Song Pant $109.95

Did someone say boots? If my other post didn't convince you that I need every style boot there is invented then this boot sure will. My mouth waters to the thought of perspex, I love that something so simplistic has such an impact on the outfit. If you want to be daring then ought to go for these mamas.

Tarah - Leather Trimmed Mesh and Perspex Boots $139
This beaded blouse offers another....wait for it...... peplum detail. Have I convinced you enough to live in a peplum world? I love how Alice Mccall still keeps true to their aesthetic of femininity.

Alice Mccall - City Lights Top $269
 As UK Fashion Blogger Poppy says metallics are not just about rose gold anymore, they are the silvers returning from space. A cropped pair will make your leg appear slimmer, so no need to diet.

ASOS - Skinny Crop Pants $47.84

 What better combination is there but Silk and Florals and for this price?! These high waisted shorts ooze appeal.

Mossman - Flower Pop Shorts $111.95

Enjoy xx

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