Thursday, 4 April 2013

Matchy Matchy

 Is Matching a blazer with the bottom a hit or miss?

When a label displays a collection utilising the same pattern with different silhouettes you think how can I choose which piece I want to dive into so maybe you think I should get a few as they are all different and can't decide. The mistake we make is because we love the print and we have a few pieces (now hiding in our car boot until nobody is home) we think if we wear both the blazer and the bottom in the same print that it will deter the problem of deciding which piece to wear that day.

To match the blazer and the pant is too officey and not stylish, it doesn't allow you to express your own style personality. Having a matching blazer to the bottom is really just mimicking what the label constructed, loosing sense of individualism and nobody want's to look like every other Sally? and think about it, having two pieces actually becomes two different outfits or even 10 and nobody will even notice because you will be so clever in doing this and look like you have a bigger wardrobe ;).

Elliat - Efflorescent Blazer $119.95

Cameo - The Light Blazer $199 and MR D Pant $159.95

Enjoy xx

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