Monday, 15 April 2013

Monday Mixes

I can't adjust to this weather. One day it's tanable next I'm digging deep into my cupboards for a jumper. Therefore I think this week it's only natural to show clothes appropriate to this change.

I am all about skirts with an edge (if you haven't noticed). This cross over open front skirt will hide your uneven hip bumps.

Lola vs Harper - Reckless Burnout Mini-Maxi Skirt $59.95
From one edgy skirt to another. I am warming to asymmetrical skirts, in particular this twisted wrap number.  This is a great twist to a wardrobe staple.  This is a great skirt to throw on with a baggy jumper or tee. The drapping down the leg is a subtle but sexy way to dress up.

Shilla - Brigade Rouched Asymmetrical Jersey $59.95

Bardot - Twisted Asym Skirt $69.95

A faux leather pant is a MUST in your wardrobe this winter. Tee it up with a boyfriend jumper, khaki jacket, shirts, endless choices. This will look great with ankle boots and even a pair of heels for a cheeky drink out.
Shilla - Great Ponte & Faux Leather Mix $79.95

 Winter essentials don't need to be dull and boring, you can actually look great in winter! Maybe with some fake tan for the lack of vitamin d. This jumper will be worn with your head held up high while other stare at you glow.

May the Label - Jumper $119

 Three of Something is known for their edgy and effortless garments and this collection is not different. This geometric skirt with again an asymmetrical detail will look great with boots and tights.
Three of Something - Blossom Vine Mini Skirt $80

Need something to throw over when you forgot to get milk. Get tweed in this jacket and pairing it with your leatherette leggings.

Cocolatte - Coatigan Grey $29.99

 I need to put lace in this week because Bardot has surprised me once again. They are ahead of the trends offering customers what they are demanding. This skirt is great for a night out or even a function. The scalloped detailing got my vote.

Bardot - Scalloped Lace Skirt $129.95

This jacket is only favourable in my eyes because of the oversize collar. It's chic and will keep you warm this season.

Nikka Contrast Oversized Collar Jacket - $67

Who doesn't love something to chuck on and take off after a few too many drinks. This pullover dress is great for the office and after teeing it up with tights and boots and this can be an all year round dress.

Runway Scout - Style Stalker Parallel Universe Dress $129

This is a very chic unbalanced tee style dress. Two tone, with print front and black arms and back. Arms have elastic around the wrists. 

Shilla Boutique - Great Geometric Unbalanced Dress $79.95

Enjoy xx

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