Monday, 6 May 2013

Monday Mixes

This week I have been ambushed with a cold again, yes two colds in one month is not normal and plain annoying. Despite this horrible weather I refuse to rug up on nights on the town as no outfit looks amazing with a coat, right? Ok so maybe that's that explains the frequency of sickness. If looking good comes at a ugly price, then vicks me up!!

I am so excited to share with you my outfit choices this week and (probably also confessing I need a second job so any takers would be greatly appreciated).
I thought it would be rude not to start with a bang. This dress and me need to date asap! Everything about it is making me drool. the detailing of the black trimming to the mesh paneling through the centre and back of the dress. So futuristic yeww.
If this hasn't lured you already try looking at the rest of their collection 'Field of Dreams' . It's definitely something worth staying up for tonight.

The Birdcage Boutique - Finders Keepers By The Way Dress $179.95
I could dedicate this whole post to Finders Keepers new collection, but I think it won't do justice. You need to check it out yourself!!!!!

However I do want to include this flower detailed top because I have never seen anything like this in the Australian market. This sleeveless top has a sheer back and front panels tucked in a curved hem. This will look amazing with your leatherette skirt and pants or even jeans for a more kickback approach.

The Fashion Bunker - Finders Keepers Runaway Top $99.95

Need a jumper with a splash of colour to go with printed pants? I have hunted some great knits that are stylish and funk up your outfit. This crochet crop top is perfect for a cool day.

Chiara - Pink Neon Knit Crop Jumper - ~$30.00
If you can't bare the thought of going all 'physical' like then opt for a full length jumper. Jumpers like these are great for layers, so chuck a shirt underneath and let the hem hang through.

In Love With Fashion - Love Fluorescent Pink Plain Box Knit Jumper $22.62

I know I wrote up about the asymmetrical skirts on my previous posts. However, I have just come across this cheaper version in case you are smarter than me and waited (damn impatient characteristic I have inherited)

Inlovewithfashion - LOVE Black Asymmetrical Drape Skirt $42.22

You know me by now to love lace and low plunge lines so imagine when the two are infused, it's like dipping marshmallows and chocolate together. I can't go past great lace detailing and at the price it would crazy to pass this by.

Little Lace - Winona Lace Playsuit $129

When you started to think Leatherette couldn't get any bigger, well think again. This skirt not only looks amazing in white but combining it with a asymmetrical design, (who wants a second job now?!)
Sovereign Boutique - Rock in Leather Skirt - Nude $69

Leopard. Do I dare say anymore?
Picture says it all.

Shakuhachi - Leopard Skirt $360
Need a colour to brighten your day? These silk like pants will be great to tee up with a sheer blouse or a sharp blazer for the office or a great day out.

Asos - Pants with Elastic Cuff $39
Finally the finale of the week. This is for something special, like seeing an enemy and knowing she could never pull this number off.

It's a stand out piece for one reason, because you can! So let the stares be worth their while.

Winona - Black Lace Maxi Dress $189.95

Enjoy xx

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