Monday, 20 May 2013

Run in Style

Are you tired of wearing those cheap cotton singlets that cling to your body like you really want people to see every roll of your body when you sweat.

I stumbled across this brand when I was looking for active wear that wasn't the $10 weekly KMART Special. As much as I love my Skins and any compression friend in that matter, I am on a hunt for feminie looking clothes to empower me when I am lifting my 5kg dumbbells. Tully Lou has answered my prayers, giving me great structure and highlight colours. It's fashion forward and won't hurt the bank (too much) but if you are looking for something that lasts and gives you comfort then you can afford to spend that extra dollar.

Who doesn't want to look good when they workout? And no I don't mean when you are sporting a cake face and straightened hair while you glide on the cross - trainer. So why not turn heads for the real reason - good fashion !

Tully Lou is only found online at the moment however I can see this brand moving to department stores soon.

Parna Pant $75

Enjoy xx

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