Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday Mixes

Welcome to Monday. I'm off to Hawaii in a few months, so bare with me while I search through appropriate holiday outfits and share with you what I want to pack. In saying that, I am on strict instructions to save save save so I can spurge over there ( Watch out Neiman Marcus) so enjoy the budget picks I find.

I wanted to add something a little flirty in the mix, who am I kidding most of these pieces comprise of seduction. This floral jumpsuit captures the frill at the bottom of the shorts. It's simplistic yet classic for a night out or even a winery tour.

Stone Cold Fox - Love Jumper $275
Last year I saw this print in Sheike but couldn't owe up to it so I justified $90 for the skirt and waited until it went on sale. My luck, it never did and I sure regretted it until now. To find this blazer in a slightly different orange but exact print and cut is like asking for a cheeseburger but getting a bigmac, WIN WIN. Fraction of the price, I won't say no.

Missguided - Georgina Neon Flower Blazer $57

Need something for this fresh weather, but need a little lift? This peplum style dress is great for functions as it's practical yet showing your best asset. It demonstrates soft textured finish and high executive neckline, curved skirt hems and smooth paneled insert on inner sleeves. All you need is a funky metallic belt and your hotter than Kim Kardashian would be even if she has no ass.

Sheike - Fallen Angel Dress $149

 There is something sexy about capped sleeves. Don't mistake cut outs that are cheap looking, I mean the structured cut outs that wrap around the arm. I need this in my wardrobe to add to a basic outfit choice.  

Sabo Skirt - Lace-up Crop $48

It's always hard to find dresses for last minute functions and realise your on the tuna buys this week. This dress is perfect for that occasion and you will look more expensive than that girl that shopped at GASP.

Stelly - Blueberry Waffle Dress $45.95
Don't have the dosh to buy the real thang? Not to worry this dress looks exactly like the Sass & Bide Laugh out Loud skirt, all you need is a black belt and your laughing your way to a cocktail on him!

Stelly - Cream Cheese Candy Dress $45

One last look from this online store because you need to see it for yourself. This peplum structured dress can be dressed up with a belt or left like this for the office. I even love the hem split.

Stelly - Ginger Bramble Dress $49.95
As we near the end, the introduction or so I should obsession with fur should kick in. i just purchased a faux fur shaggy jacket and cannot wait to Rachael Zoe it up. What's wrong with a little body and something that will keep you warm, Furtastic!

The Fashion Bunker - Finder Keepers Faux Fur Jacket $49.95

Who doesn't love a little cheeky fur. This crop jumper is a little cute and funky for this winter. Tee it up with jeans and boots and your Melbourne appropriate.

The Grand Social - Wonders Cease Crop to it - $225

Missing something to your outfit? Complete it with a faux fur scarf. This will add volume to our outfit and create sophistication. I walked into Sussan's for a Mother's Day gift and came out with a scarf for myself. Don't be fooled by the perception you once had for this brand, they have revamped their brand and it is trendy and more fashion conscious.

Sussan - Fur loop scarf  $49.95

Enjoy xx

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