Thursday, 9 May 2013

Give me Gucci

As most women my age are working towards a house, a holiday and all those grown up responsibilities (yawn) there are other (let's not point) who are saving up for that Classic Chanel 2.55 Bag. Realistically who can just fork out $10 000 (and that's minimum) for a Hermes bag? Yes I know there are rare blahblah but that can get you a trip to Europe where you can indulge in luxury all you like.

Fortunately for me and some of you out there who can work towards a new purchase can enjoy it while not forking out a loan due to online flash sales.

The obvious con about online purchases of designer labels is not being able to touch, feel and instantly falling in love (okay maybe that's a good thing so you limit yourself to only one product)
and of course not being able to walk down Collins St with that big bag keeping past goers guessing what's in there.

Take away the service (if they even serve a 23 year old woman), the ambiance, the image and the physicality you get the same item for far less cheaper. Yes I'll give that up any day.

You need to make sure the website is legit and it's 100% authentic. Do your research and look up reviews before you think of taking your credit card out. The downside to these flash sales is you need to be readily available because if you snooze you loose. These sales are daily with different designers everyday so I advise your email and you become best friends.

I have come across ones that I love and kind of scared to share it with you because I want my discounted goodies!!


Reebonz is an online destination where members discover designer brands through flash sale events, each open for just a brief window of time.

You can only view sales if you are a member. Membership is free and you will receive emails about current and upcoming sales so you can clear your calendar for a few hours. Members can help expand the community by inviting their friends — earning Reebonz Credits when each new friend places their first order.

The flash sale can last two to three days. Designers that often feature on Reebonz are Miu Miu, Burberry, Todd's, Coach, Gucci, Chanel. The great marketing tool Reebonz have is they do a lot of one off sales for example Fifty products for 50% off, Never be repeated discounts, One Riced Wonders, further 10% off today only. They give you no excuses to look elsewhere.

Shipping is only $10 in Australia and takes about 7 - 10 days which is fast and reliable. You won't have to worry about your product getting damaged because it is secured in a box.

I will definitely shop with them again!!


MYNETSALE presents the most covetable names in fashion within your grasp by a team of talented Paris based stylists/buyers that source from all over continental Europe through strategic partners relationships. Get fixated on Burberry mmmm. Again you need to sign up at no charge in order to receive updates on current sales and to purchase.

The great idea about MYNETSALE is everyday there are sales, even weekend. So even if you work 5 days a week and miss out, dedicate your Saturday morning reading your emails before the Herald Sun because the news will still be the there when your done where your Burberry trench coat won't be.

The sale lasts for 3 days. The con about MYNETSALE is delivery expectancy is approximately 4 weeks so don't buy anything that you need asap. The shipping is $9.90 within Australia.

Belle & Clive

From the successful retailer Bluefly, Bluefly presents to you the flash sale Belle & Clive. Usually the sale starts at 11.30am (ET time) daily which is ahead of their competitors which generally start at Noon (start marketing tool. The great competitive advantage Belle & Clive have over other fashion discounted site is it broadens their market to not only luxurious lovers but practicality. For those who love purchasing home items you can get amazing items here that are innovative and not common. I unfortunately have not been lucky to purchase anything from Belle & Clive however I am more inclined to purchase from the home section when I decide to save for the more important details in my life like a house perhaps?!

I love that the shipping is free, definitely lures me even more.


MYHABIT was created by in response to customers' desires to shop intelligently from a selection of designer and boutique brands. Only recently it has opened it's doors and been made more credible in my books by shipping down under (at a cost of $15).

As luxury buying needs a service this site offers that unique destination within the private sale space. They because they amalgamate the most innovative technology in the online retail space with a serious focus on style. Interactive 360-video technology, showcases the actual fit and drape of the clothing on live models. It's like you are there!!!!

Brands include Prada, Chloe, Oscar De La Renta, Fendi, Emporio Armani

Shipping takes approximately 5 - 12 days which is reasonable. This site again offer private sales when you sign up. You also get $20 credit points when you refer a friend.

This site is great if you are looking for the whole family, home included.


This flash sale site offers pieces for the whole family with discounts up to 80% off! They stock a mixture of labels from big name designers like Balenciaga to smaller, everyday brands including Polo. If you're looking to do a little shopping for you and your loved ones and want to save big bucks on it, welcome to your new shopping mall. forget David Jones and Myer this is your department store. If you have a spare couple of years then sink into this website. Here you will find apparel, jewellery, accessories, home goods and other premium, quality, brand name products. Some of the big Brands include LV, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tom Ford.

Modnique offers its members exclusive access to boutique sale events of authentic, brand new and hand-picked designer merchandise. Members save 50-85% or even more. I have researched and have mixed feelings about the site as some customers are saying it's not authentic. Their promise is if you are not satisfied then you will receive your money back guaranteed.

Although the shipping is generous (at $5) the delivery is not acceptable. I have waited more than 4 weeks for an item to come and it still has not been delivered. To my dismay it didn't state it would take this long as I needed it for a present. Instead it posted it would be delivered at a date before I purchased it (What the )With a little panic as it was the first time I had purchased with this site, I was lucky enough to find there was a tracking number and found out 3 weeks later it was getting shipped from America. In future I will only buy from them if I am in no rush for it and properly by then I will forget all about it  :(

It's ironic how I always got a lesson on saving but here I am giving advice to others who share the same infatuation to not pay big bucks in store when you get everything you need online without a lighter wallet.

Enjoy and if you come across any great discounted website please email me, I don't want to miss out!!


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