Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sheike in sheer Melbourne

The best news I have heard today would have to be learning that my favourite brand Sheike (originated from Sydney) has finally decided they should be in Australia's fashion capital city. Not only will it be available at Melbourne Central but for all my gals in my hood we can now drive 10 minutes away to our local Highpoint centre and play dress ups.

I will probably request for a Sheike Credit Card (or insist they introduce this for me as I will be their most regular customer.)

Although I am stoked the brand is now easily accessible a selfish part of me doesn't want it to come to Melbourne because I don't want to see every 16 year old going on 25 wearing my polyester dress. (just like with Sass & Bide) and also that was my excuse for trips to Sydney.

See you daily in August.

Here are some of the examples of this brand and my tan wahhh.

Sydney trip to my baby

both dresses

skirt and belt on the right

Dress on the right - haven't worn because I need an occasiom to wear it - the races perhaps?!

Enjoy the current lookbook on Sheike.  xx

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