Monday, 17 June 2013

My boot scootin' baby is driving me crazy

I feel it is necessary to share with you my recent obsession with shoes or more specifically boots. You would think all you needed was an ankle, a heel and over the knee pair, that's until this season hit. Now it's cut outs, animal prints, fur, leather, suede, metal heel, perspex heel, peep toe, points. AHHHHHHH I want every single pair on the market. So I present to you my top picks this week on boots.

Windsor Smith - Las Vegas $159.95
Windsor Smith - Ponie $189.95
Wittner - Nisha $199.95
Wittner - Sydel $89.95
Wittner - Abloom $50
Wittner - Animal $99.95
Steve Madden - Partenon $69.95 less 20%
Tony Bianco - Tempo $219.95
Enjoy xx

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