Monday, 24 June 2013

Monday Mixes

Just another week of winter in Melbourne and another week of throwing cold water onto my car to dissolve the icebergs mounted daily. Yes I will complain weekly about the weather until I reach Summer (2 months, unlucky ha? But in fact just 3 more weeks and then Hawaii will save me a spot on the beach, Aloha!)

Missed out on the real thing? Why not fake it with this lookalike Finders Keepers 'By The Way' dress. This is just pocket money so no need to ah and ah about it.

Stelly - Lemon Crisp Tart Dress $58.95
Get bold this winter with this orange skirt with a two layer finish. Tee it up with tights and ankle boots and you now have a skirt that is wearable for more than one month.

Stelly - Grapefruit Ice Pops Skirt $39.95

Another week, another asymmetrical skirt. I love white, embrace the design and the colour.
Lucy in the Sky - Ahead of Them All Skirt $39

 If $140 plus shipping for Jeffery Campbell's doesn't do your budget then opt for these babies. Who would know the difference?!
Lucy in the Sky - Clear the air heel $69
I love the contrast of detailing of this peplum top. This will work great with a pair of jeans.

Asos - Traffic People Pleplum Shirt in Barbed Wire print $61

Raglan shoulders and a large button-keyhole detail, how much edgier can you get with this price point?!

Asos - Crop Top With Open Back and Batwing $56
 Basics with the twist always my favourite. Adding studs on the shoulders is raw and adds funk to an everyday outfit. 

Asos - Body with Extreme Stud Shoulder $49
How stylish is this top. It's the pointed collar that displays a  metal plate detail, finished with sheer contrast cuff sleeves with sheer back. Great for introducing colour to winter.

Shilla - Young Print and Contrast Shirt $40

Running out of white shirts to wear to work? Add a print to your wardrobe and while you're at it, try leopard. It's adventurous yet classic for any hours of the day. Wear a cami underneath for office hour and change it to just a bra for clock off.

Shilla - Believers Leopard Chiffon Shirt $39.50

Maybe I'm getting too excited for my trip. But this is just perfect for a warmer day. So breezy and lightweight especially the short dress with the sheer overlay arghhhhhh die! I'd love to wear this eating lunch by the beach with a floppy hat mmm Rachel Zoe style. (overdreamer I know)

Missguided - Jennet Monochrome Chiffon Maxi Dress $52

Enjoy xx

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