Tuesday, 5 March 2013

There is something about me

Hi fellow friends,

My name is Giulia and I have a "shopping addiction"! Well at least that's what people are calling it these days.

But I still can't comprehend why it's called an addiction when in hindsight the feeling of checking the mail becomes stimulating because let's face it opening those packages feels like it's Christmas all year round or when I buy 5 new pairs of bathers for that 4 day Queensland trip, or when I miraculously have an excuse to visit Mossman for their weekly new arrivals (you'll see my infatuation for this brand in my upcoming posts), or when I purchase 6 items from ASOS for $50 and feel like I've robbed them so I have to order another 4 items or when I wake up at 4am annually for the Boxing Day sales at David Jones to find out that that Burberry classic Haymarket tote bag I've been craving is still not on sale but I'll try my luck the next year.

Ok Ok I get it, I have a slight problem but transcending my flair as a fashion enthusiastic and divulging current trends, sales, must haves and everything in between to similar fashion sinners doesn't sound much like an addiction now does it? Just think of all this shopping is me helping the economy, right?!

Firstly I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Giulia (yes I know Julia Goolia from the Wedding Singer, I get it) but really it's pronounced as Julia. Over the years I have disliked the spelling of the name, and the confusion of why my parents would want to punish me but as I've grown up I have come to terms with the misspelling and mispronunciation of my name but most importantly I now venerate the originality of my name. Just like my name my style is unique but chic.

As most people my age (22) have already travelled the world, my wardrobe has doubled the size of Malta!
But hey I'm not complaining because when I do travel the world, god I'll look good!

 For many of you who don't know, my thirst for fashion is not just a choice it's my lifestyle as I have big dreams and hopes to sustain a long term career in the fashion industry.

Some of my existing friends say I'm fashion obsessed but I'll let you new friends figure that on your own.

Enjoy reading sheer sheike.

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