Thursday, 14 March 2013

I won free shoes, I love you Steve Madden

What I thought was just a trip to the toilet I returned with my first essential for my winter wardrobe (oh and I never make it to the toilet, woops).

As if the hype of the $10000000000000000000000 redevelopment of highpoint wasn't enough to convince me, but the spinning of the wheel at Steve Madden, who wouldn't say no to an incentive to shop?!
 The options were extensive, ranging from 10, 15, 30, 40 even 50% off but today was my lucky day or perhaps god finally felt the need to support my addition (I'll take any),  the wheel stopped at the 'free shoes' option (valued upto $150) and then I entered a candy store.

The candy store showcased spikes, studs, rhinestones, leather and lots of colour, YUM!
My eyes strongly drew to this fierce studded ankle boot. The low cone-shaped heel and me exchanged looks and yep they were mine!

Go check out Steve Madden's new highpoint store and have a spin on the wheel because you'll never know what you'll be walking out with!

Check out the website just so you can memorise the pair of shoes you'll grab when you spin that wheel.

 May see you there (again :s)   x

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