Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Melbourne Future Music Festival

This is just another festival when astonishingly tops come off because let's face it the males haven't been trying to bench 15kgs at Derrimut gym for 3 months for the Spice Girls Reunion tour. 

This Sunday's forecast will be a scorcher 33 degrees so as many females see this opportunity to wear a piece of material barely covering their nipples and short shorts which should be illegal because bum cheeks hanging out is not fashionable, I bet you can still find a hot outfit that will stay attached to your body until 8pm when Avicii wants you to shuffle and sing out of tune to "sometimes I got a good feeling".

For last minute outfits I have pieced together what I think would be appropriate and still be accessible to sunrays of course!
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And you finally need a cap so you don't get burnt.

Don't forget to slip slop slap!

Enjoy x

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