Monday, 12 August 2013

Life is a rainbow

Although my outfit would be deemed inappropriate for winter, I never do things by the books either. I jumped on the opportunity that I am currently sporting a healthy glow ( that is fading ever so fast), therefore adding colour to my body was a given! I am holding on to Mossman for dear life because I am still uncertain as many of their loyal customers are too on what is exactly happening to the brand. Are they Mossman Platinum, are they only stocked in QV and Chapel St? Until I get answers, I will just believe they are still producing great garments.

My crop top was definitely a little risky but I made sure no belly button was exposed. A high waisted skirt was the best option to avoid any trash talk (if that really can). The back was the highlight of the top with of course no back!!!!!

If you asked me to wear this outfit a year ago, I would have laughed. I have learnt to work with the appealing body parts and leave the unwanted hidden.

Both Top and Skirt from Mossman

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