Tuesday, 24 September 2013

If the shoe fits

Never was the day I'd be obsessing over shoes, I mean I never judged someones outfit by their shoes, did you? Yes that all changed for me a year ago. It may have been my appreciation of fashion or the feeling I got when people ran their eyeballs to my feet instead of face value.
Windsor Smith - Slinky $129.95

Boohoo - Xena Peeptoe Open Back Cork Platform Heel $50
Wittner - Taurus Heels $69
Windsor Smith - Christy $149.95

Asos - River Island Mesh Shoe Boots $99

Asos - New Look Black Titan Gladiator Sandals $36

Wanted - Siren Golden Sandal $139

Tony Bianco - Amazon Skin Luxe $189.95

Enjoy xx

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