Thursday, 12 September 2013

Click Clog Clack

Are you tired of there being nothing original in fast fashion and the frequent statement by our mothers 'I use to wear that back in the day'??! Well clogs are no exception. They are back and they are wack!

I love the relaxed style paired with jeans. Yes you can wear clogs outside your house. Only the 2013 styles, anything older and I mean the 'cover toe' that Pinocchio wears, should be kept for the gardening!

Here are a few of my picks.

Windsor Smith - Jump $99.95
The Iconic - Spurr Camelot Clog Heels $49.95

Top Shop - NELSON Chunky 2 Part Sandals $~100

Styletrend - Lipstick Sold Black $69.95
Lipstick - Maywest $59.95

Enjoy xx

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