Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Cut It Out

If you are fortunate (or unfortunate?) to be gifted with a small bust from mother nature then 'cut outs' should be invested this season. Finally there is a positive to having a smaller bust!!
This is just another part of the body that can be exposed without going as far as Miley Cyrus.

Finding the right cut out is key. Exposing too much skin will only give Pamela Anderson a run for your money. As you can tell from the below images, I am a strong believer. Just embrace what mama gave you!!

Sheike Top $89.95

Zimmermann Dress $395

Sheike Top $89.95

Sheike Top $89.95


Birdcage - Cameo Mountain Sound Top $129.95

Sass & Bide - Arm Yourself Dress $650

MarketHQ - Game On Bralet $39

Enjoy xx

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