Monday, 16 December 2013

Remember me?!

Hi I'm Giulia you may remember me from my blog... I have returned back from a much needed break due to an obstacle in my life. They say the harder the obstacle the stronger one becomes after hurdling it. (I better feel like Hulk at the end of this) Consequently during this time I discovered it was necessary to find that one stimulation that permits you to escape reality. That was and will always be fashion. It's using your imagination and allows you to explore and recreate new styles.

Furthermore, I have detected a new website for all those fashion savvy shoppers. I am one for a bargain where I can then justify more outfits and this site is just one of them.

These designs may be found in bigger department stores such as Witchery and Topshop but for half the price why not shop here and formulate your own flair.

This genius online boutique is called Hello Parry and Hello indeed. A very easy navigating website, making it more appealing to the not so technology savvy.

Here are my favourite looks at the moment.

They currently have 20% off everything : Use "summer20"

                                                                       Enjoy xx

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